Use of cookies and analytics

Data security of analytics we use on our websites has been verified

We use various types of analytics on our websites, for example to monitor the functionality of our websites and services. We do not target advertising to users on this website. The analytics service on this website uses cookies. All analytics services have been tested for data security and we continuously monitor their security. Cookies cannot be altered by third parties without permission from OP, and any data collected using cookies is retained in a security-audited data centre located in Europe.

Our analytics service provider is committed to following all established data security standards and to complying with laws in force on processing personal data. OP-Services Ltd manages data collected using cookies and the data is owned by OP Financial Group’s controllers. We do not disclose data to third parties.

What tools are we using and how long is the data retained?

We use both session and persistent cookies. Tools can set several cookies with various retention periods. We list the maximum time for the storage of cookies for each tool.

Session cookies exist only during a single session, or visit. They are deleted automatically when you close the browser. With session cookies, you can move from one page to another, log into the service and use different types of calculators and online forms, for instance.

Persistent cookies remain on your browser or device for a fixed period, also after the session, unless you delete them from the browser settings. We use persistent cookies to improve the user experience. With persistent cookies, the website identifies your device and remembers your settings, such as language choice, when you visit the website again.


Retention period

Adobe Analytics

2 years

How do cookies work?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s device. We use cookies to uniquely identify browsers and to verify browsers used by our website visitors. So, by using cookies we will know if the user has visited our website previously using their browser. Cookies can also be used for technical reasons to guarantee the website’s functionalities.

Aiming for a well-functioning website

On this website, we collect data on the use of the website with an analytics service. By analysing our website usage and by using cookies, we aim to provide a well-functioning service and to maintain our website.

How can a visitor control the use of cookies?

We only use cookies that are necessary for the smooth functioning of our website. You cannot prevent the use of cookies, because that would prevent the website from functioning.

Data protection

As a responsible player, OP Financial Group is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers in compliance with data protection legislation. For more information on privacy and data protection, see